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Българска Асоциация Диабет
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BAD is the   only one   national representative   association  for patients and diabetics in Bulgaria . It  wascreated in 1990 from famous bulgarian endocrinologists , doctors and patients, sub-leadership of prof. N. Colebinov. We fight to make the life of the diabetics in the entire country better including approving  their treatment and  prophylaxis .  To achieve our   goals  we expec from  the state to ensure the needed conditions on contemporary treatment and self - control of the diabetes and systematic prophylaxis of the diabetic complications  !  We also defend the rights of the diabetics and aim to solve their problems through the competent institutions of health and state   department   .  The   leadership  of   BAD  works in a close co-operation with all the patient organizations of the Confederation for Defending of Health ,  with the  Bulgarian Association of  Endocrinology ,  with the Medical Diabetic Association, with the Bulgarian Association for treatment Diabetic Stage , with the society of the  Diabetic Nurses in Bulgaria and many Bulgarian and international organizations .

One of  our main goals  is to tutor each diabetic to keep and support  permanently its hemic sugar ALONE in its relative normal limits, that most surely will fence him from all fixes and complications of the diabetes!!!

 If you are diabetic or  you have a relative that is diabetic , if you are a doctor  who cures diabetics  or want to become a member of our diabetic community, please contact  the  local diabetic association or send us an e—mail   to cooperate for our common cause  - with    your names, age, telephone  number and the problems you face with  / To the following address : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

 We are going to  cooperate  you to create your own diabetic association in your  local area or contact nearest  one ! If you have some concrete issue of treatment and self - control of diabetes as well  contact  us and  we are going to make every  endeavour  to help you!!!

Currently ,  in Bulgaria there are approximately  520 000  diabetics   .  If  we stay  TOGETHER  and state  clearly our needs , requirements and  suggestions the government  won’t  be able to neglect them and  will have to take the above into consideration.