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Author: Prof. Maria Damianova (Deputy Chairman of the BAD)
Diabetes mellitus is an ancient disease whose historical roots are found even in Egyptian papyri / 1550g. BC / old indian and medical books. The disease was known to ancient healers in China, India and Greece. During the second century BC Areteus Cappadona of diabetes mellitus called it, which means fountain, drain, run in, and later Avicenna found the sweet taste of urine and added - mellitus. 3000 years were necessary to establish as high blood sugar.
In Bulgaria, the Clinical Center for Diabetes place only in 1951 by Dr. Ivan Pentchev as II - Second Internal Clinic ISUL. In 1965. Academician Ivan Pentchev now based self Department of Endocrinology and diseases of metabolism, which formed several clinics, one of which is diabetes clinic headed by Prof. Alexander Popov and Prof. Dimitar Andreev.
Academic supervisor Penchev was with great verve and potential managed to unite his large team consisting of teachers, researchers, and junior nursing staff spetsialesti university and college graduates and technical staff. In this institute were conducted large-scale studies on diabetes, together with the introduction of uniform criteria for its early diagnosis, treatment and secondary prevention of its complications ...
In 1997 - 1999 years old Bulgarian-Danish implement a training program for patients with diabetes mellitus in Bulgaria, which led to the establishment of 56 training centers on the problems of diabetes in the larger cities. Employees of these centers had an original contribution to the early diagnosis, epidemiology, clarifying the mechanisms of impaired carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, insulin secretion dynamics of the various forms of diabetes. At the end of '60 prove circulating insulin antibodies in diabetics treated with insulin gained international recognition. Studies on insulin receptors and antibodies antiostrovni also globally.
Schemes developed for intensive insulin therapy and combination therapy with insulin and antidiabetic tablet funds contributed to an estrangement of vascular complications in parallel with the modern methods of treatment of degenerative vascular complications of diabetes / nephropathy and retinopathy /. Opened to diabetic hemodialysis center, which relieve all diabetics with advanced nephrological complications.
This is very brief and practical-scientific research and academic activities of the Institute of Endocrinology and metabolism. This activity is then continued by Professor Emma Bozadjiev, Prof. Dragomir Koev Professor Sabina Zechariah. It is all to know thousands of our patients.
Parallel to the development of the Institute of Endocrinology and child is developing sector of pediatric diabetes prerastnal Institute in 1972. Department of Clinic of diabetes and metabolic diseases. In 1963 in Varshets branch opened with 65 beds for full-time residence of children with family problems and was provided schooling. Subsequently, school climate has emerged for secondary economic sector, so that diabetic children and adolescents were able to complete their high school - special education.
This activity continued Professor Marya Damyanova in 1990 based diabetes Republican center in the Bankja for 100 children - kindergarten, language and music education from 1 - to 4 class with removal of children from Sofia to their homes after school activities. In the center compartment and in Varshets we freed diabetic mothers and return them to their professional activities. In parallel, provide the optimal treatment and child development. For children Varshets was a paradise, and banks - a college with excellent conditions. Unfortunately, this Republican center established with great effort under the leadership of Minister Chernozemski is closed by a minister - a pediatrician, a very costly Institute and diabetic children and their parents are deprived of a great advantage. During the summer months banking serves as a summer camp for diabetic patients remaining.
During this period after 2000 started treatment with insulin pumps, although so far very limited in size but with good results. In 2010, he opened the Center for diabetic pregnant with a promise to provide them with treatment pumps.
Now a few words for our own home - BULGARIAN Association Diabetes -
BULGARIAN Association Diabetes (BAD) is the only nationally represented ASSOCIATION OF THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA diabetics. It was founded in 1990 by prominent Bulgarian endocrinologists, physicians and patients under the supervision of Prof. N. Kolebinov by non-profit association for the protection of the rights and interests of more than 500,000 diabetics in the country. Main tasks of the organization are constantly seeking ways and means to improve the lives, treatment and prevention of diabetes across the country. For this purpose, require the state to provide the necessary conditions for the modern treatment of diabetes and self-control, and system maintenance and prompt treatment of all diabetic complications. Moreover, defending the rights of diabetics and strive to solve problems raised by them, through the competent state, municipal and healthcare institutions. BAD Management works closely with many other Bulgarian and international patient and public organizations.
During this period marked the beginning of the first issue in our newspaper "Diabetes" with editor Dr. Dilyana Yankova. In the beginning it reflected all the activities of BAD and get free until all our companies in the country. Subsequently, the newspaper was renamed "Club D". Began creating diabetic companies in the country, initially with the active assistance of endocrinologists, then time and diabetics themselves began to organize and create their regional organizations.
After the early death of Professor Kolebinov, the organization is headed by Mr. Pavlin Simeonov - economist BAS and diabetes. Characteristic of this period of BAD is that the composition of the Board was mainly famous Bulgarian endocrinologists (Prof. Dr. Koev Prof. Vl. Hristov, Dr. Pl. Popivanov ...), which marked the beginning of training courses of patients. The solemn meeting on the 14 th of November was very well organized, with great attendance and a rich musical and artistic program. Distributed to various social aid donated by sponsors and BRC.
The next reporting-election meeting as President of BAD was elected Mr. Nicholas Varadinov, a longtime diabetic (second type), which as a result of active contacts with the Metropolitan Association of secure office in Sofia, but by the Law on Protection and Rehabilitation and Social Integration of Disabled (LPRSID) and state subsidy, such as the National Organization-represented. These funds were provided informational materials / three consecutive years were issued calendars with important metabolic indicators of a good exchange control / free hot lunch meal for 100 diabetic from Sofia. At that time, were created many new diabetes companies in the country. Particularly successful companies have developed our business in Burgas, Varna, Pleven, etc. ... BAD represented in the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities Council of Ministers and Experts Board of Endocrinology of the Ministry of Health.
After the death of N. Varadinov President was elected BAD BAD lawyer - Mr. Dimitar Bogdanov. In this period, the Governing Council make medical and legal advice for diabetics in the country continued to midday meal and provide flu vaccination. After selection of the current Board in 2007 had already decided to eat all diabetes consistent companies in the country. And scientific issue - the popular "Guide to diabetes to achieve conditional health" in two consecutive editions.
After the resignation of Mr. D. Bogdanov in 2010, the management of BAS is assumed by Dr. Adrian Stoev - Doctor of Education, who as a child gets sick from diabetes - type 1. With their active citizenship 20 years ago, it protects the rights of people with diabetes in Bulgaria before all state institutions. Dr. Stoev create long-term strategy and program activities of the BAS for the period 2007 - 2015, after extensive discussion, they were approved and adopted by companies in the country. He also proposed to restore the Board of Commissions of BAD in different directions in the activity.
Dr. Stoev create and maintain a website of BAD, which offers various information about diabetes and the activities of the Diabetes Association. In 2010, with the assistance of a sports club "Levski" Bulgarian Telegraph Agency and a number of companies - sponsors and partners, BAD organized the first national sports games for people with diabetes in Bulgaria and held for the first time the "November - Month of diabetes" . From 2010 we started to re-subscribe and distributed for free in our company newspaper "Club E" which is an excellent assistant and trainer of people with diabetes in Bulgaria.
In 2010 and 2011 with the support of the MB and CB BAD place all day meal (dry food) for many more diabetics in different cities of the country, continue the annual flu vaccination to enhance the periodic training of people with diabetes in a variety of topics were established and equipped eight regional Information and Advisory Centre (RIKTS) BAD in the country ...
Over the past two years have created many new diabetes companies, several members left the old BAD returned and strengthened throughout the organization ... Began work on attracting young people and create youth structures to BAD. Deepening contacts and joint activities with the main patient and medical organizations in the country - Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology (BSE), Bulgarian Diabetes Association - doctors (BDA), the Union of diabetes nurse in Bulgaria (UDNB), the National Association of Children with Diabetes (NACD ) Bulgarian Kidney Association (BKA), Confederation for Health Protection (CHP), National Council for Integration of Persons with Disabilities (NCIPD) and many others ...
The most important achievement of BAD in recent years can be reported restoration of membership in the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). As a result - are invited to partake of the forthcoming Congress of MDF in Dubai in December 2011 Thanks to our active members (Bourgas, Silistra, Mezdra ...) - were established regional contacts with Macedonian, Turkish, Romanian and other diabetes associations the region.
On the occasion of 20th anniversary of the BAD, and the great interest of people with diabetes throughout the country for the third time and expanded reissue updated "Guide for diabetic endeavor to health" of Prof. M. Damyanova.
Finally, before I finish let me emphasize that members of 20 years in BAD and dealing of 1956 children with diabetes experienced sintetichinite synthesis and analog insulins, the introduction of portable blood glucose meters, autoletite, I believe that soon Diabetes of the sky will come a new star with a strong light by insulin and make life with diabetes much easier. I believe in this and I want you to believe in the bright future of diabetology.