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To Premiere for the meeting on the top in New York

To the Prime Minister
the Republic of Bulgaria
Mr. Boyko Borisov

Dear Mr. Minister - Chairman

I am writing as Chairman of the "Bulgarian Association of Diabetes" to find yourself asking personal assistance for the meeting on the top in New York related to prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases, which will be held on 19 - September 20, 2011 under UN auspices in New York.

Our Association is very concerned by the fact that the preparation of this very important meeting, is disabled. As you may know, the conduct of the parties - negotiations shall formulate a draft policy statement regarding the meeting, were suspended on 5 August without agreement. Is expected to resume talks on 01.09.2011, the best of our knowledge, the original working paper provides neither a global goal and no clear solution designed to secure funds to secure the control and coordination of global commitments.

The situation is critical. According to the World Economic Forum on global risks in 2010, non-communicable diseases are the second most important threat to global economy and cost us all a price equal to the cost of the global financial crisis.

In Bulgaria the number of diabetics is growing rapidly, but no long-term strategy for the prevention of diabetes pandemic. According to experts from WHO only after several years of tackling this pandemic will require huge financial resources and many budgets can not cope with the treatment of diabetes and severe disabilities which result from poorly controlled diabetes ...!

Although adopted by Parliament in 2008 the Declaration of diabetes do not yet have a national program to combat diabetes, diabetic there is no National Register ...! Following the initiation of "health reform" in the country almost no systematic surveillance, quality training and treatment of people with diabetes, there is not enough self-control according to the needs of the treatment ...!

The listed factors are responsible for the observed in recent years INEFFECTIVE draining much of the NHIF budget, lack of prevention and a sharp increase in severe disability, amputation, heart attack, stroke, dialysis, blindness, frequent hospitalizations and premature death of tens of thousands of diabetics .. .! Every year in this country die of diabetes just over 8000 people, not counting the thousands of diabetics die from complications of diabetes ....!!!

During negotiations for the preparation of the final declaration at the forthcoming meeting, despite the seriousness of the situation, providing concrete suggestions commitments and targets, time-bound implementation are systematically rejected and replaced with vague intentions for discussion and consideration. This is absolutely unacceptable to us - sick!

Therefore, we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity provided by the Summit to achieve:
1. one goal in the world - a 25% reduction by 2025 the number of deaths from noncommunicable diseases;
2. a clear time frame for addressing the epidemic of the four main non-communicable diseases - cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic respiratory diseases;
3. set of specific objectives, based on factual data and global indices;
4. an initiative for cooperation summit bringing together governments, UN agencies and public organizations in the name of achieving tangible progress.

Our association is ready to assist the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria in the fight against noncommunicable diseases. So please pay attention to those issues and to attend the summit in September to make it a turning point in efforts to improve the health of our compatriots and millions of people from other countries.

08/19/2011,                                                                   With respect:
Sofia                                                                                     (Dr. A. Stoev - President of the BAD)