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OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF BULGARIA regarding November 14, WORLD DAY AGAINST DIABETES, in supporting action to restrict and control of diabetes mellitus IN THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA
 Prom. SJ. N.101 on November 25 - 2008.
We, the people's representatives in the fortieth National Assembly of Bulgaria,
Having underlined:
- The importance of the adoption on 16 January 2006 by the European Parliament Declaration of diabetes, which calls on countries to prioritize diabetes, to encourage the creation of national diabetes plans to develop a strategy for the prevention, diagnosis and control of diabetes;
- The importance of the adoption on 20 December 2006 resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations, which urges Member States to develop national policies for prevention and adequate treatment of diabetes,
Noting that:
- Attention of European society is increasingly drawn to diabetes, due to growing rates of spread of this socially significant disease;
- Diabetes mellitus is one of the main causes of premature death worldwide: every 10 seconds one person dies due to complications of the disease;
- The epidemic of diabetes poses a great risk the economic systems of European countries and especially member states from Eastern Europe;
- In Bulgaria spread of diabetes acquired threatening proportions and according to data of the World Health Organization and the International Federation diabetes affects 7.6 percent of the population. Of these, 40 percent do not know that we have developed the disease, and others 6.1 percent of the population are able called "preddiabet, and in subsequent years majority of them will develop the disease;
- Disease occupies one of the leading places in the structure of morbidity and mortality in our country, with about 75 percent of diagnosed diabetics with poor metabolic control, leading to the development of complications - myocardial infarction, stroke, blindness, amputatsii and chronic renal failure ;
- Diabetes can be controlled with proper care, training and advanced treatment, experience of leading countries shows that early diagnosis, effective prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, and patient education are essential for reducing morbidity occur and the progression of complications on disability and mortality from diabetes, which could lead to improved quality of life of people with diabetes;
- The existence of effective national program to combat diabetes and National Action Plan for prevention, early diagnosis and proper treatment of diabetes will significantly reduce the adverse indicators in terms of diabetes in Bulgaria and will significantly reduce the cost of treatment;
convinced declare that:
- Will assist through legislative initiatives to create conditions for effective combating diabetes and opportunities for implementation of European standards for prevention, treatment and care for patients;
- Diabetes mellitus as a serious socio-economic problem should be a priority in national health policy all institutions;
- Need an indispensable part of the limitation and control of disease in Bulgaria, conduct extensive public information campaign on prevention of diabetes;
- It is imperative that the establishment and implementation of National diabeten registry and a comprehensive national information system on patients with diabetes mellitus in Bulgaria;
- Priority to responsible institutions in Bulgaria should be the preparation of national program to combat diabetes and National Action Plan for prevention, early diagnosis and proper treatment of diabetes in line with the recommendations of the European Parliament, the World Health Organization and the United Nations;
- National Program for combating diabetes and national action plan for prevention, early diagnosis and proper treatment of diabetes to be submitted for consideration and adoption by the National Assembly;
- Necessary after the program and action plan responsible institutions to take the necessary action to ensure adequate funding for effective implementation of the objectives of these documents;
- It is imperative that the establishment of effective mechanisms for monitoring implementation of the objectives of the aforementioned documents.
The declaration was adopted by the 40th National Assembly on 14 November 2008 and is stamped with the official seal of the National Assembly.