Important - from "Novo Nordisk"

(Loaded with insulin pharmacy) -

The attention of people with diabetes treated with NovoMix 30 FlexPen and Insulatard NovoLet. 
Because of the absence of these two medicinal product from the list  which NHIF pays, Novo Nordisks will provide life treatment of patients currently treated with these insulin as follows:

1. NovoMix FlexPen 30 -  will be supplied free of charge 

People with diabetes who are treated with NovoMix 30 FlexPen should turn to  their  Endocrinology and / or GP, to obtain a prescription for free delivery. Patients should wear the old protocol and formula card to verify your treatment. 
 2. Insulatard NovoLet is replaced by Insulatard Penfill to pen NovoPen 4 
From 1st of June Insulatard NovoLet will be offered. The same insulin will be available in penfili (fillers) for pen NovoPen 4. People with diabetes are at Insulatard NovoLet, should turn to treating them Endocrinology to issue a new protocol for treatment with the same insulin and get a new pen for injection.