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Novo Nordisk will cure diabetes with cells canteens
Danish drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk has directed its activities to stem cells in search of a cure for diabetes, reported Reuters. Pharmaceutical giant has disclosed that starting a new project with Cellartis - a private biotechnology company developing drugs to treat diabetes type-1 by reprogramirane of stem cells into insulin-producing cells. So far the company has been cautious due to the early stage of clinical trials with stem cells and the accompanying moral and ethical considerations associated with their extraction from human embryos. Of statements in recent days, however, it is clear that Novo Nordisk and their partners are of the opinion that the technology is sufficiently advanced and can develop a cell therapy for the treatment of insulin dependent diabetes.
"The agreement is the first important step in achieving our goal," says Peter Kurtshals, senior vice president of the company. In his opening treatment for diabetes is part of the vision of Novo Nordisk.
Under the signed agreement, the pharmaceutical company will have exclusive rights to develop and sell those drugs for diabetes, while Cellartis, which works mainly with human embryonic stem cells will have access to technology and profit from the distribution of all drugs worth over 100 million euros (129 million U.S. dollars). Novo Nordisk fully funded joint research program. The agreement is a continuation of joint work between the partners. It is a new opportunity to find ways to treat diabetes by reprogramirane of stem cells into insulin-producing cells.
Diabetes mellitus type 1 is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system produces specific protein molecules called "autoantibodies" that destroy the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin hormone. Destruction of beta cells leads to a lack of insulin in the blood and impaired blood sugar control. Since stem cells are foundress of all cell types, tissues, organs and systems in the body, relying on their huge potential for effective treatment of many ills. According to experts, Diabetes mellitus type 1 is the first significant social disease for which treatment will be using technologies based on stem cells.
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